LA RAYA is a musical project conceived in response to the variety of sounds that interest each band member, condensed in urban and popular music in order to pursue a quest for social and environmental transformation, with the essential belief on using music as a medium to visualize our reality.

Influenced entirely by the multicultural context of Latin America, and the scenes from the streets and markets of urban and popular music, between 2011-2014, the members of LA RAYA lived together in the town of Santa Elena - Antioquia – Colombia (in the city outskirts, close to the forest) to initiate an epic journey of creativity that lead to find themselves as human beings and musicians, with a common need to shape a sound and songs that they could call their own, and lyrics that represent what each member thinks and feels. During that three years period, the production of the first album “PARALELOS” took place.

The intentionality of the record picks up stylistic elements of experimental character, strongly rooted in rigorous investigation from rhythmic, harmonic and tradition elements of genres that the band enjoys the most. Without hurting such roots, LA RAYA wants to articulate their music work to an exploration of contemporary sounds and the own band feel, in recognition to the modern technologies that can be used to boost and embellish sound as a band that has Latin American identity. But these attempts transcend merely the technical side of music. In terms of what integrates the sensitive side of the band and their capacity to raise topics that can encourage a reflection about our relationship with all forms of life on our planet, highlighting hope for the capacity we have as human beings represented in each person that at home, on the street, or in the place of study or work, is committed with his or her surroundings, consolidating the firm conviction that our specie possesses all that´s needed to assume a role of respect as habitants of a planet that embraces us, in which the effort of those who work from every side is recognized and celebrated in the quest for a peaceful and better place to live.